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Spira International Engineering and Technical Consulting

Spira International is a team of trained and experienced consultants offering expertise in a number of specific areas of interest to the business professional. Take a moment to browse through our specialities and see how we can help you.

Mechanical Engineering

Whether you need stress or structural analysis, piping, fluid flow, or air flow analysis, or dynamics and power technical review, we at Spira International are experienced and equipped to do an in-depth analysis, and report on your mechanical engineering needs. We'll look into what you have now and offer suggestions on how to improve your process or system to minimize potential troubles you may be facing with your current design. This we can do for you in a short lead time - on time, when you need it.

Product Design

Some of the many field of expertise in product design at Spira International include products for such critical applications as aircraft and spacecraft, nuclear power, oilfield surface and down-hole applications, automobile, truck and vehicle control systems, and many marine applications. We have experience in fluid power, bearings, sealing, structural, power transmission, and dynamic motion products. We are also adept at converting products from one material to another including substituting traditional metal parts with plastics and composites.

Tooling and Machine Design

Special machine design has been an integral part of Spira International's skill set since its inception. If you're looking to automate a process, or perform any manufacturing task, faster, more accurately, more safely, and more consistently, investing in an automated system is always a money saver overall. We can build machines using simple relay logic controls, more sophisticated Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) or all out computer based controls and computerized data collection. In addition special gauges to rapidly check in-process characteristics, even for automated statistical process controls, are another specialty.

ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Consulting

If you've been asked to do a Pre-Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) or want to go all out and get AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, or AS 9100 certified, Spira International can help. Many customers are now insisting on Statistical Process Control (SPC) in their supplier's manufacturing processes. My simple to use instructional manual and Excel based software is one of the easiest to understand and use available. It isn't rocket science, but many people treat is as such. Don't be fooled.

Manufacturing in Mexico

As state legislatures pile on more and more regulation and hoops to jump through for small manufacturers, manufacturing in Mexico looks better and better. While people may think of dirt floored sweat shops where employees are mistreated south of the border, the truth is that modern business Tijuana is practically indistinguishable from most modern business parks north of the border. You don't have to become an expert in crossing the border either, our Mexican affiliates will come across the border, pick up your materials return them to your facility in Mexico, perform the work, and re-import them to the US for you at a surprisingly low cost. You have none of the employee or benefit woes, no worries about rising utility costs or onerous regulations. Find out why such big names in quality manufacturing like Casio Electronics, Hyundai Trucks, Harris Semiconductors, Standard Brands Paints, to name just a few, have improved their quality, reduced their costs, and relieved themselves of many headaches by relocating to Tijuana.

Business Services

In addition to engineering services, we also supply other services to our industrial clients including patent writing and filing assistance, business writing of technical and marketing materials, and internet marketing of products and services oriented to the industrial client. For more specifics, please select the "Business Services" section in the menu above or on the right.